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@informedparent_ I had the privilege to once again meet Joan Bye over the weekend. Why didn't anyone listen to her or give her a voice from 1978 onwards? She warned us plenty of times. If we'd have listened or known of her lone brave voice,many lives of kids could've been saved👇

The MHRA were corrupt long before the COVID con.Please retweet the traumatic,lived experience of inspirational Joan.Her ordeal from'78 has played out over&over.If only she'd been listened to,we could've all learnt the truth&ensured others didn't suffer&die

On the 4th December, I'm hosting a historic meeting in Parliament at which doctors and analysts will give expert testimony on the pandemic and its consequences.

All MPs & Lords have been formally invited. Ask your MP to attend using the template below ⬇️

@informedparent_ please share.After a hiatus,my long awaited 2nd new format interview's out,featuring a young,brave&wise-beyond-his-years former medic Dr Kohilathas who talks about why he quit the NHS&his desire to help people find freedom through health

More conversations like this are needed. The foundational theories need scrutinizing, they have been embraced far too long without proof

🚨🚨🚨Just a friendly reminder :

South Africa 🇿🇦 just released the #Covid #Vaccine contract with #Pfizer that all our governments are so DESPERATELY trying to hide from us🧐

Do you guys know what this contract states about the #Covid #Vaccine :

(1) Efficacy = UNKNOWN


As we move towards the Sept autumn equinox when the usual peak of seasonal detox occur don't be surprised if the TV and authorities start telling you there is another variant and try to impose restrictions.
A variant of a lie is just another lie
Look into whats truly going on..

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