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More conversations like this are needed. The foundational theories need scrutinizing, they have been embraced far too long without proof

🚨🚨🚨Just a friendly reminder :

South Africa 🇿🇦 just released the #Covid #Vaccine contract with #Pfizer that all our governments are so DESPERATELY trying to hide from us🧐

Do you guys know what this contract states about the #Covid #Vaccine :

(1) Efficacy = UNKNOWN


As we move towards the Sept autumn equinox when the usual peak of seasonal detox occur don't be surprised if the TV and authorities start telling you there is another variant and try to impose restrictions.
A variant of a lie is just another lie
Look into whats truly going on..

🔴 Part one of a groundbreaking three part series revealing the biggest scientific and medical hoax of our time... #Covid19 #BigPharma

▶️ DOCUMENTARY: ‘A Farewell to #Virology’ (Part 1)

PCR has been hijacked as a diagnostic tool. The true purification of alleged virus has not been proven. It is not a test and results are only useful for those pushing the pandemic story @21stCenturyWire #PCR #covid19 #pandemic

Patrick Henningsen talks with Dr Jonathan Engler, about the numerous myths and narratives pushed by the government-pharma-media complex during the Covid hysteria period, and even still today.
#Pharma #Covid

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