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Today at 12pm ET, I’m going live on Rumble, Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube to lift the veil on the fraudulent nature of diagnostic testing.

Hope to see you there!

@informedparent_ please repost & listen to the powerful reactions from audience members having watched @PlayingGodUK at the in-person premiere 👇👇👇

Please watch & retweet these powerful snippets from one of the most important films of our times @PlayingGodUK investigating medical democide in the UK shining a light on the truth so that our paths may become clearer to navigate👇👇👇🙏❤️🙏

@ake2306 please kindly watch & repost my film @PlayingGodUK this most moving and heart wrenching film giving voice to those bereaved families who were silenced when their loved ones were killed by those who were supposed to look after them 🙏❤️👇

Daniel Roytas, of, has a new book challenging the theory that illness can be caught by looking at the failure to demonstrate contagion by exposing the healthy directly to the sick and/or their bodily fluids. Please grab a copy! 🙂

@informedparent_ please kindly watch & share due to censorship, my interview with @Alex27740737 who set up the CVIB Legal Fund to offer support to the COVID injection bereaved & injured. 🙏♥️🙏

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