You may have seen in the press over the last week ( The Times, Guardian, Telegraph), that since the screening of Vaxxed on 14 Feb that Regents University have been denounced for allowing Dr Wakefield a platform, and the university reacted by ceasing all association with the College for Homeopathic Education  after a 17 year relationship. Thankfully, the CHE has found an alternative venue but The Times is still on the attack, now suggesting that CHE should not be allowed to award degrees. They are also campaigning for Amazon and iTunes to remove the documentary and will continue to pursue all those involved in the screening.

PLEASE WRITE TO THE TIMES with your personal story or your view on censorship, or to share data, this is their email:

Also, if you would like to write to the Regents with your concerns about their action over this matter and also urging them to watch the film:

The Vaxxed UK team would also like to share our statement below with you:

Cinema Libre has, for months, worked with the EFVV (European Forum for Vaccine Vigilance), the Arnica Network, The Informed Parent, the CHE (Centre of Homeopathic Education) and several individual vaccine and drug safety advocates to support a screening of Vaxxed in the UK. Between these, and several other groups that were represented in the audience, including AHVID (Association of HPV Vaccine Injured Daughters), ANH-Intl (Alliance of Natural Health International) and JABS (Justice and Basic Support), there are tens of thousands of parents and health professionals who are deeply concerned about vaccine safety and the quality and balance of information provided to parents and carers by health authorities and the media.
We all strongly support the right to freedom of expression and informed choice, and so took on the task of ensuring the film was shown in the UK. We were aware the film was about important revelations that had originally been concealed within the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) that were subsequently exposed.These facts are likely to be of particular relevance to parents and carers of children who developed symptoms related to autism within days of receiving specific vaccinations. The film has been publicly shown hundreds of times in the USA.
We believe that airing this documentary is important in order to stimulate debate and encourage dialogue on the scientific issues that are relevant to the health of the most sensitive members of our society, our children. We also feel strongly that the presence of key people with considerable knowledge of the underlying issues at the London screening was important so that they could respond to questions following the viewing of the film. These people included: Andrew Wakefield, a co-director of the film; Brandy Vaughn, an ex-employee of vaccine manufacturer Merck and founder of Learn the Risk; Jackie Fletcher, mother of a vaccine injured son and founder of JABS; Kris Gaublomme MD, Chair of the EFVV, and; Dr Jayne Donegan, an NHS GP and homeopath. The screening provided a platform for those with concerns over vaccine safety, as well as those seeking more information, to discuss these issues among themselves and with the experts gathered.
We are deeply concerned that The Times newspaper continues to mislead the public by distorting or misrepresenting facts and providing unbalanced coverage of the issues in its report on 15 February 2017. We also consider the effort by The Times newspaper and others, including and experts in the public domain, to block the screening of Vaxxed amounts to a violation of fundamental human rights and freedoms as related to thought, conscience and expression, all of which are protected legally by statute or treaty. The reason the film was shown in secret was to protect the event from censorship rather than any implication that the film shouldn’t be made public.