Re: UK doctors re-examine case for mandatory vaccination
Magda Taylor, The Informed Parent.
Sent to BMJ Rapid Responses for publication,
24 July 2017

How, and why, are UK doctors able to re-examine the case for mandatory vaccination when they have not properly, and independently, examined the case for vaccination in the first place?
The science has never been settled on this subject, right from its inception back in the days of Jenner’s smallpox vaccination. Numerous books and papers by medical and scientific professionals were published during the 1800s opposing and exposing the practice of vaccination, especially when the 1853 Vaccination Act was introduced, and then toughened in 1867. (1) The Anti-Vaccination movement involved numerous highly educated doctors – who tirelessly spoke out and published their findings eventually leading to the abolishment of the compulsory smallpox vaccination act. Even The Lancet, when the first Compulsory Vaccination bill was before Parliament, on the 21st May 1853, expressed: ‘In the public mind, extensively, and in the profession itself, doubts are known to exist as to the efficacy and eligibility of vaccination – the failures of the operation have been numerous and discouraging.’
There is a wealth of literature spanning over a century and a half on this subject that throws this procedure into question and yet it seems to fall on the deaf ears of the medical hierarchy?
The vaccine industry has grown enormously since the smallpox vaccine and it is one of most heavily ‘protected’ areas in medicine. A no-go area for any critical discussion, examination and independent analysis. Doctors and scientists who dare to indicate any concerns are met with hostility, ridicule, censorship, and sometimes dismissal from their profession. This does not encourage others to voice concerns for fear of repercussion, and sadly they remain silent. Additionally the vast majority of doctors do very little study on vaccination and just simply follow guidelines and are quite often unaware of the history of vaccination and the epidemiology of infectious disease over the last two centuries.
I have been studying this subject since September 1991, starting from a position of neutrality. I had almost no knowledge on the subject and no bias and yet the more I studied, including researching at medical libraries, the more concerned I became. Sadly, I have witnessed an ever-increasing number of vaccines being introduced into the vaccine schedule and an ever-increasing pressure on parents to follow the schedule. The media coverage on this subject is scandalous, keeping much of the general public, including doctors, in the dark. The grossly exaggerated description of diseases, for example, measles or mumps are highly misleading and used to create fear and increase vaccine uptake.
Do we now witness extremely healthy children, mentally and physically, within the developed and highly vaccinated areas of the world? It seems not?
Born in 1959 – I hardly received any vaccinations, swiftly went through measles, mumps and chickenpox, and have hardly ever been to the doctors. I have not even met my GP since moving in 2003. I did not witness such ill-health throughout my school days and as a young adult that I now see everywhere I turn. Allergies, asthmas, ADHD, learning difficulties, juvenile diabetes, an array of mental disorders, to name just a few. Conditions all of which vaccines have the biological potential to play a causal role.
I have lost count how many times a parent has contacted me regarding their child’s deterioration, including death, after receiving a vaccine or vaccines over my years involved in this subject. These occurrences are labelled mostly as timely coincidences – or sneered at as only being ‘anecdotal’ and never properly investigated.
We all share a common goal – good health for all and for future generations. The growing number of people who are now starting to look into vaccination are doing so, not just from a personal standpoint but also for a compassion for the health of the world population. According to a survey published in 2016 Europe was the most sceptical region in the world about vaccine safety, in particular France. (2)
However, instead of initiating a proper public debate on this matter, and investigating the mounting concerns, where do we find ourselves in 2017? Strict mandatory vaccines laws being introduced in Italy, France, Germany, amongst others, and now here in the UK the British Medical Association are being asked to consider the case for mandatory vaccination! This is medical tyranny at its extreme and I am horrified that in this day and age such measures are even being considered let alone implemented!
Even biologist Thomas Weber, despite his favour for vaccination ends his article with ‘Paternalistic and coercive attitudes were harmful in the 19th century and are even less appropriate in the 21st century.’ (3)
It is time for independent examination, without recrimination and not a time for coercive measures which inflict upon our freedom of choice.

1. Pearce Charles T. MD. Vaccination: Its Tested Effects on Health, Mortality and Population (1868)
(One good example.)

2. Arie S BMJ 2017;358:j3429 Compulsory vaccination and growing measles threat.

3. Weber P Thomas, Emerging Inf Dis, Vol 16, No.4, April 2010; Alfred Russel Wallace and the Antivaccination Movement in Victorian England