Magda Taylor, Editor of The Informed Parent.

Below are a few articles and  a youtube presentation. I would urge you to take  a read/listen. Please scroll down to the Measles Outbreak post and  take a look at the description of measles given by doctors from 1959. A very different picture was presented then as there was no vaccine to promote.

Funny how we keep getting told that these measles cases in Wales are a result of poor uptake in the past……Why are there not hundreds of cases of rubella and mumps as well?

Still waiting to receive details as to how many cases have occurred in the vaccinated – as these days outbreaks are generally in the well-vaccinated. I do hope the Welsh health authority will be open and honest about this important detail.
I have noted in the past that even if a child has been vaccinated with one dose of a vaccine they can sometimes be considered as ‘unvaccinated’ as they had not received the second dose. Also measles cases in the vaccinated will often be diagnosed as a ‘non specific viral infection’ as some health professionals can not accept that a vaccinated child has developed measles.

Many outbreaks of diseases such as measles have occurred in highly vaccinated populations over numerous years and many have been published in peer reviewed medical journals. One comes to mind: Failure To Reach Goal of Measles Elimination,  Arch. Intern Me/Vol 154, Aug 22, 1994. The conclusion opens with: The apparent paradox is that as measles immunisation rates rise to high levels in a population, measles becomes a disease of immunised persons.

Whether these cases have occurred in the vaccinated or non-vaccinated the main thing is that at least they had the vitality to develop measles (which is considered, from a holistic viewpoint, as a de-tox in childhood ridding the body of a build-up of toxins). Provided a child is reasonably healthy and mismanagement of the illness does not take place then measles should be a reasonably straightforward illness to go through and beneficial long term. Suppressing the fever, over-feeding and using ‘just in case antibiotics’ can lead to the measles internalising and may lead to secondary complications. It has been observed that having measles with a proper rash in childmay prevent the development of immunoreactive disease, degenerative disease of bone and cartilage, and certain tumours later in life. (The Lancet, 5 Jan 1985, Ronne.)