AAVP (Association of Affected People by HPV Vaccine), together with law firm Almodóvar & Jara, filed the first of a long series of lawsuits for damages caused by HPV vaccines.
The complaint is filed in the High Court against health authorities and vaccine manufacturers.
The process of trying to find justice now begins for one of the Valencian girls who suffered an adverse reaction after the second shot of Gardasil in 2009.
Spanish families whose lives have been adversely impacted by HPV vaccines have organized as the Association of Affected People by HPV Vaccine (AAVP www.aavp.es) to assist others in similar circumstances. This well documented lawsuit is based on violations of the fundamental right to informed consent prior to medical interventions which all citizens have.
This first case will be followed by another four within two months.
The firm will continue to file additional cases, not only against Gardasil® but also Cervarix®, the other brand of the HPV vaccine manufactured by GlaxoSmithKline.