The Daily Telegraph published an article on Saturday 2 November 2019 by Rushton, Foggo and Barnes regarding homeopaths and vaccination.

I have emailed the following letter to the journalists responsible for this piece, the Letters page.
I also emailed a complaint to the newspaper. If you are also concerned about this type of journalism, I urge you to write in too.
Here are my two letters:

‘I was appalled on reading the article in today’s Telegraph regarding homeopaths and vaccination, and also in the manner you conducted the report.
I am not impressed with a Health Secretary, who clearly has limited knowledge on this subject, and is simply acting as a mouthpiece for the official narrative. How dare he condemn anyone who suggests otherwise! Having studied this subject for over 28 years and starting from a pro- vaccine position I am disgusted by the behaviour of our government and mainstream media.

A growing number of people are outraged by the censorship on this subject, and it makes a mockery out of being a democratic country. 
Why is there no proper debate? 
Why are the voices of concern being silenced?

The science is still greatly lacking, even going right back to Jenner’s smallpox vaccine there have been endless criticisms, concerns, injuries and deaths from this procedure.
Yes I agree there is a lot of misinformation circulating, however an increasing number of people would consider the statements coming from the authorities are prime examples.

The media is doing a splendid job attempting to divide the public on this subject with a witch-hunt approach on anyone who dares to voice concerns. I used to be a parent who believed in vaccination, however it was a blind faith, based on assuming the medical world knew what they were doing. I no longer hold that belief. 
Why? Because I research the subject and the more I learn the more horrified I have become.

Instead of feeling so smug with your deceptive reporting style and going on a homeopath-bashing spree, how about looking at the state of the health of our children and young adults? We have increases in chronic and autoimmune disease, and mental health conditions that are escalating in recent decades. Vaccines have the potential to trigger or cause these problems and there is ample medical literature that has been published over the last 150 years highlighting numerous concerns. If this procedure continues with an ever-increasing number in the schedule then I fear that good health will become a thing of the past.

The trusting public can no longer depend on the authorities or the media for sound information and I urge each and every one of them to start independently investigating this subject thoroughly, and come to their own conclusions.’

To the Complaints dept.

‘I would like to complain about your conduct as regards to your attack on a number of health practitioners in today’s Telegraph. Sending in under cover reporters to deceive these well-meaning individuals on such an important subject is disgraceful.
Why not openly interview a number of homeopathic practitioners and hear about what they have discovered in their years in practise as regards to vaccine concerns and vaccine injuries?

You had the opportunity to provide an interesting and thought-provoking article looking at why there are growing concerns about vaccination. Sadly you chose to do a hit piece on homeopathy in a very devious manner.
The least you could do is give those individuals the right to respond and publish their response in full. However I have come to realise over the years that mainstream media is not about fairness or quality journalism, it is there as a tool for officialdom!’