SAT 7th NOVEMBER 2015     11am – 1pm

Venue:  Cowdray Hall (The Chapel), Easebourne Street, Midhurst, West Sussex GU29 0AW

What exactly is it that we come into this world with?
How can we explain birth deformities or predisposition to certain diseases such as diabetes, eczema or breast cancer?
What kind of information is locked in our genes and how does life express that?
Is there any other information that forms us into who we are today?
How can we live with our inheritance?
Is there anything about it we can change?
Does gene-therapy hold the key to a disease-free future?
Is our life predetermined by karma?
Will I come back as an insect if I don’t behave?
Is this a punishment from God?

Time to let science reveal its answers. We will show in simple terms how life is structured and why.
It provides the surprising answers even doctors don’t want to know. You have the opportunity to know it now!!
This information comes to you via a doctor.

Admission Fee:  £7 booked in advance  or  £10 at the door
Booking: Sara Flint  Tel 01730 893289  email: saraflint33@yahoo.co.uk
Cheque payable to ‘P Quanten’, and send to:
Sara Flint, 15 Inwood Road, Liss,Hants GU33 7LZ