Shouldn’t the after-effects of vaccination be discussed before?

2006: Back issues (PDF download: each issue FREE)

2006 Issue 01

  • Secret Report Reveals 18 Child Deaths Following Vaccinations
  • Vaccinating for Profit – From Cradle to Coffin
  • Vaccination and the Making of Mass Mind
  • The Age of Autism: ‘A Pretty Big Secret’

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2006 Issue 02

  • Autism Rates Decline as Mercury Removed from Childhood Vaccines
  • More on Microbes
  • UC Davis Study with Mice Links Thimerosal with Immune System Dysfunction
  • A Fast Way to Health

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2006 Issue 03/04

  • Are There and Can There Be Disease-Causing Viruses?
  • Tending the Flame
  • The Germ Fetish
  • The New HPV Vaccine – Miracle or Menace?

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