Shouldn’t the after-effects of vaccination be discussed before?

2016: Back issues (PDF download: £2 each issue)

2016 Issue 01

  • Narcolepsy Boy Wins £120k Swine Flu Vaccine Damages
  • The Concept of Vaccination
  • Silence of Anti-Vaccination Parents Considered New ‘Threat’ By Fascist Regimes
  • Meningitis – Part Two

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2016 Issue 02

  • The ‘Germ Theory’ of Disease – Is It A Fallacy?
  • Parents Sue Over Vaccine Deaths
  • Vaccines and the Peanut Allergy Epidemic
  • Circulating Vaccine-Derived Poliovirus

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2016 Issue 03

  • Vaccination and Health Outcomes
  • Evidence-Based Medicine
  • 4 Questions That May Change Your Mind About Vaccines
  • Flu vaccine by Dr Jayne Donegan

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