Shouldn’t the after-effects of vaccination be discussed before?

2013: Back issues (PDF download: £2 each issue)

2013 Issue 01

  • Tetanus Vaccine Causes New Disease: New Vaccines Worse?
  • Tuberculosis: Is The BCG Vaccine Any Good?
  • Dumbed-Down Populations Accept Outrageous Vaccine Logic
  • End Station – The Journey of Infections – Part Two

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2013 Issue 02

  • Brainwashed Police Prosecute Parents to Protect Vaccines
  • Rotavirus The Disease, The Vaccine and the Science of the Improbable
  • Measles, Fear and Disinformation
  • Common Childhood Diseases

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2013 Issue 03

  • Vaccines: A Descent Into Madness
  • The Unfortunate Story of 37 Deaths From a ‘Good Vaccine’
  • Febrile Convulsions: Part One
  • What is the Deadliest of All Vaccines According to the Data?

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